On Saturday, 4th Nov 2006, 110 members and accompanying persons turned up at the Tangs Restaurant, RELC, for a dinner function to commemorate the Society’s 30th anniversary.

All diners were presented with attractive door gifts and everyone were in a joyous mood and there was good interaction and networking amongst members and accompanying persons. The function provided a good opportunity for members to “catch up” especially for those who have retired from the service.

Besides the sumptuous food, dinners were entertained by the emcee of many jokes, songs and games such as Tombola and the human jackpot machine. The climax of the night was the Society’s Idol contest. Ten Idol wannabes took to the centre stage with their best performances by singing the different genre of ballads, oldies and even ‘rock and roll’.

Our very first Society’s Idol, voted by the members and accompanying persons, is our Hassan Bava with his rendition of “Mama, Saya Mahu Kahwin” (Mum, I want to get married).

The lucky draw prizes were an added bonus for the eventful evening. Everyone went home that night feeling contented with the night well spent.