SOCEH – 40th AGM on 6 May 2017

Dear Members of Society of Environmental Health (Singapore),

Notice is hereby given that the 40th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society of Environmental Health (Singapore) will be held on Saturday, 6 May 2017 at 10.00 a.m. at Uranus, Venus, Mars & Jupiter Rooms, Level 4, Civil Service Club, Tessensohn Clubhouse, 60 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217664.

2.      The Agenda of the meeting is appended below:

  • President’s Address.
  • Confirmation of minutes of last year’s AGM.
  • Consider and approve annual report by Honorary Secretary.
  • Consider and approve previous year’s statements of accounts by Honorary Treasurer.
  • Consider and approve the budget allocations of Society’s expenditures for 2017 and 2018.
  • Consider such other business not included in the Notice of Meeting of which at least 7 days’ notice in writing with the name of the proposer and seconder shall be given to the Honorary Secretary.
  • Any other business.

3.   Registration starts at 9.30a.m. A buffet lunch will be served after the AGM.

Thank you.



Important note to Life members
Life members, who are above 60 years of age and are not required to pay a subscription, are reminded that under Rule 15 of the Society’s Constitution, those who fail to attend two (2) consecutive AGMs may have their names struck off from the Society’s Register. Under the last year’s change of rules, such members can opt out of the privilege by paying the annual subscription fee of $16 to keep their memberships active. However, once their names are struck off from the Register, and they want to re-join the Society as new members, they will need to pay an entrance fee of $5, and an annual subscription of $16.