Details Of Venue for 39th AGM

Details of SOCEH AGM venue – PUB Recreation Club (or “PUB RC”)
(a) As the Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road was not available, the option of
holding the AGM at various other venues was explored, and finally, PUB RC was
chosen. Many members will be familiar with PUB RC, where car parking lots are
available at the open car-park. However, members are encouraged to car-pool, where
(b) Following are the details on public transport to PUB RC (at the time of issue of
Notice). However, members should conduct their own checks for any changes in the
details, before deciding on their mode of transport.
(i) MRT: Take the North-East Line and alight at Woodleigh-NE11 MRT station. It is
about 800 meters away, or 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from PUB RC at Woodleigh Park.
(ii) Bus services to Braddell Road – Service numbers 13, 28, 93, 153 and 155
Bus stop numbers: 66079, 66089, and with overhead bridge crossing – 66071
(iii) Bus services to Upper Serangoon Road (before Braddell Road) – Service
numbers 13, 100, 107, 133, 135, 147, 155, 853
Bus stop number: 61041 (8 to 10 minutes’ walk)
(c) The Terrace room at PUB RC is not accessible by a lift. There is a staircase in the
club with small flight of stairs with landing floors, typical of a housing estate. Any
inconvenience to the members is regretted!

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SOCEH – 39th AGM on 28 May 2016

All members of the Society of Environmental Health (Singapore)
Notice is hereby given that the 39th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Society
of Environmental Health (Singapore) will be held on Saturday, 28 May 2016 at 10.00
a.m. at The Terrace, Level 2, PUB Recreation Club, 48 Woodleigh Park, off Braddell
Road, Singapore 357844. Please refer to the location map on page 2 of this Notice.
2. The Agenda of the meeting is appended below:
a. President’s Address.
b. Consider and approve annual report by Honorary Secretary.
c. Consider and approve previous year’s statements of accounts by
Honorary Treasurer.
d. Confirmation of minutes of last year’s AGM.
e. To elect office-bearers and appoint Honorary Auditors for the next term of
office (of 3 years or such duration as the AGM may decide). Nominations
for the posts of President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer
shall be proposed and seconded in writing and received by the Honorary
Secretary at least 7 days before the AGM. Nominations for the other
officers and Auditors should be proposed and seconded at the AGM.
f. Consider such other business not included in the Notice of Meeting of
which at least 7 days’ notice in writing with the name of the proposer and
seconder shall be given to the Honorary Secretary.
g. Any other business.
3. Registration starts at 9.30a.m. A transport allowance of $20 will be paid to all
registered members attending the AGM at the end of the AGM. A buffet lunch will be
served after the AGM.


Important note to Life members
Life members, who are above 60 years of age and are not required to pay a subscription, are reminded that under Rule 15 of the Society’s Constitution, those who fail to attend two (2) consecutive AGMs may have their names struck off from the Society’s Register. Under the last year’s change of rules, such members can opt out of the privilege by paying the annual subscription fee of $16 to keep their memberships active. However, once their names are struck off from the Register, and they want to re-join the Society as new members, they will need to pay an entrance fee of $5, and an annual subscription of $16.

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